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The cacao tree is native to Suriname. Before mass production found its way in 1686, cacao was already processed by its inhabitants. That history of cacao in Suriname is not documented. The only witness to history are the similarities of processing between the well documented cacao processing of the Maya's and the cacao processing in the region at present. Cacao is processed and prepared for a cacao beverage in an identical way. In Suriname skrati is known as the cacao bars, which are used to prepare a cacao drink.

Influences of immigrants on skrati
Besides the similarities between the cacao of the region, every region and country has personalized the cacao by blending herbs and flavors and by incorporating the cacao in rituals. Beirum is added to the cacao and gives the skrati the real Surinamese taste. The influences of immigrants on skrati you find in traditions such as 'aiti dei' and 'Kabra neti'.

"There's more to cacao than chocolate"
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