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Instead of on farms or plantations, our cacao grows in privately owned gardens and small orchards. In biodiverse garden settings the trees grow near the houses of the owners, amidst a variety of fruit and vegetables, i.a. banana, mango, coffee, citrus, cashew and neem. The owners don't depend on the cacao revenues for their livelihoods. They all have different occupations. Among them are a book-binder, a professional breeder of butterflies, a reverend, a retired civil engineer and two former skrati makers.

Suriname and cacao
Suriname is part of the Guyana Shield in South America and is 80% covered with rainforest. The Suriname climate is very favourable for growing cacao trees as well as for the harvesting of cacao. The soil determines the quality of the cacao. The coastal region of Suriname consists of soil types that are rich in nutrients, which benefits the taste of the cacao.

Cacao trees with fine flavour beans
Suriname has a rich diversity in cacao by cross pollination between Criollo and Forastero trees. These Trinitario's are known for their fine flavour beans.

"There's more to cacao than chocolate"
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