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Tree-to-bar is the shortest and clearest of chains in the world wide cacao industry. Every step of the production from harvest till making chocolate bars is done by the same hands.

Breeding and farming we do in cooperation with most of the cacao garden owners. They sanitize, look after the health of the trees and fertilize the soil. In our tree-to-bar chain everyone gets paid for their share in production. This makes that no one is working for free or is underpaid.

For example, we pay the garden owners for every pod we harvest. The price they get for the fruit on the tree is higher than the world market price for fine flavour beans that have had to be fermented, dried and brought to auction too.

And finally, there is the aspect of availability. Few cacao trees are left in Suriname. We started with replanting and rejuvenating but the acreage under cacao cultivation is nowhere near that of Surinamese cacao’s heyday during the final decade of the 19th century, peaking in 1895 when nearly 4.500 metric tons were exported. Right now, in 2020 we harvest from around 250 trees only.

"There's more to cacao than chocolate"
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